What training is offered onsite?

  • Systema: Combat and training methodology with Russian roots, strong military influence, and a scientific training approach. Systema spans all aspects of violence. From hand to hand combat to the use and the countering of edged, impact, and ballistic weapons. Effective methods of breathing and preparatory exercises are addressed as well.

  • The Forge: Combat and core conditioning classes. Innovative and challenging methodology geared towards the development and enhancement of specific physical attributes: applicable strength, agility, range of motion, speed, and flexibility. Attributes that directly apply to the realities and conditions of real-world violence and combat.

  • Force-On-Force: Trigger manipulation and sight alignment are vital, yet very small components of combat involving firearms. Force-on-Force training, utilizing state of the art UTM man-marking munitions and weapons, allows for realistic training that addresses many other vital components present during the chaos of gunfight in a safe manner, while incorporating marksmanship and shooting skills into the totality of what is a real-life gunfight.

  • Conflict Management: A significant percentage of physically violent encounters become such due to non-existent or poor conflict-management skills. The ability to understand the origins, nature, and purpose of conflict before it escalates into physical violence, as well as the ability to influence the progression of a conflict, may offer solutions for many conflict situations without the need to resort to physical means accompanied by the resulting consequences.

What training is offered offsite?

  • Firearms: From the fundamentals of weapon handling to more complex concepts of firearm use in confined spaces. From concealment, in low light environment and many other possible environments, as well as more specialized training for professionals in related fields.

  • Other Seminars & Workshops: Seminars and workshops covering any of our on- or off-site services are available. If interested in hosting a seminar, or for any additional questions look at the seminars page or contact us.


What topics do you cover?

  • Systema hand-to-hand combat

  • Edged, impact, and improvised weapons

  • Force-On-Force training

  • Firearms training for the civilian realm

  • Firearms training for professionals in a team environment

  • Firearms and FOF training for specific environments – inside structures, confined spaces, and low light conditions

  • Conflict management courses

  • “Forge” core combat conditioning

What sort of scheduling opportunities are available? How long do seminars last?

  • Seminar lengths vary based on the topic covered and the extent of training required. Seminars can last anywhere from two to five days – five to eight hours per day.

What requirements must be met to schedule a seminar?

  • A facility suitable for the specific training desired – must be large enough to accommodate the anticipated number of participants.

  • Ample time to announce and promote the event.

  • Lodging for the instructor(s) – including the dates of the training in addition to the night before and after the event.

  • Round-trip airfare for the instructor(s); or travel cost reimbursement if the instructor travels by personal vehicle.

  • $500.00 – $1,000.00 USD deposit at the time of scheduling.

What should we expect from the seminar?

  • Undivided attention to training and teaching.

  • Well thought out, structured, and tailored training progressions.

  • Depth and substance.

  • Zero “Look What I Can Do!” shock-and-awe demonstrations.

  • No pieces of paper (aka certificates) issued.

  • A clear definition of exactly what the students will be working on – attributes, skills, and/or the ability to adapt and apply. You will not be sold the appearance of fighting – you will be provided with the filling, with the substance of it.