We are not a “shooting” school or academy. What we offer is not for those interested in endless discussions about shooting stances, aimed versus point shooting, caliber wars, or other trivialities.

We do not promote the conventional training approach that has become prominent within the last decade. Teaching civilians to “operate” as some uber-tactical spec-war commando without a support crew of other well-trained, well-equipped operators within a realm that is vastly different from the battlefield of a war.

The reality of a lonely civilian caught up in the hell of armed combat does not have much in common with military engagements. Some may say that shooting bad guys is all the same, but it is not. Besides the obvious differences and dilemmas in the moral, legal, and psychological contexts; the most glaring difference is the dynamic of the action itself.

With numerous factors requiring a higher level of mobility in all dimensions, a higher level of responsibility for the surroundings and bystanders, and without a team of operators as support, the combat zone for a civilian is unique.

Civilians rarely possess body armor, NVGs, or other related equipment. In most cases altercations outside of war take place within distances of twenty feet or less from the assailant… or multiple assailants.

The harsh reality for civilians is that their reaction to incoming violence often begins at the moment a projectile hits their flesh and causes damage.

The focus of our training with firearms is on the development of applicable fighting skills and the integration of shooting into these skills, not the other way around.

One of several issues with the traditional dogmatic approach of teaching marksmanship and shooting skills in isolation from the realities of actual violence is that such teaching results in formation of habits that are often detrimental to efficient performance in real-world violent confrontations. More importantly, the situation may never match certain “guidelines” that seem to exist only when shooting in square, one-way range.

The reality of violence is not pleasant, fun, nor glorious.

We will not attempt to glamorize or gloss over violence with marketing slogans, unrealistic promises, or outright lies. We only promise:

No Bull

We will present the reality of violence without any veil of exotic bullshit, free of doctrine that has zero bearing on the realities of our lives. We offer training that is realistic without the confinement of dogma.

No Pressure To Buy

We will not attempt to sell you tactical gadgets to manufacture the appearance of a tacticool “operator”. We will provide you with the opportunity to acquire relevant skills and knowledge that will not only make you more ready to face the violence, but will also aid in critical thinking in your gear selection.

Effective Training

We will work hard to support you in your goal to become a more efficient, more aware, better-thinking, faster-moving fighter who has ability to use a firearm.

We do not train students to become gun-fighters, instead we train fighters to be proficient with a gun.