Force-On-Force training is not a new concept. It has been used in various forms and in numerous countries for well over sixty years. With time it has evolved in its methodology, quality, and complexity of training. Not to mention the sophistication of the equipment used.

The science of preparing for violence is changing and adapting to new realities. Realities often exposed through blood in battles fought in all corners of the world. Not just in the campaigns of wars.

The teaching methods used in Force-On-Force training are being continually enhanced and improved by valuable and sometimes priceless information resulting from actual cases of use of force by soldiers, law enforcement personnel, security professionals,and civilians.

A multitude of schools and instructors offer such training opportunities utilizing various methodologies, approaches, and equipment.

It is always the responsibility of the person seeking training to do the homework. To determine what exactly is it that they need and seek, and what is being offered.

As with any training there is the good, the bad, and the ugly.

What we offer is unique because:

  • We do not ignore the fact that most students are not, nor ever will be, nor are trying to be SWAT officers or DELTA Force snake-eaters.

  • We do not water down harsh reality to make anyone feel good. Nor do we offer a certificate proclaiming anyone to be a “Certified Gunfighter”.

  • We do not attempt to sell you a “super gun” or “tacticool” accessories.

  • We push you to adapt to the moment, in that moment.

  • We move you outside of your comfort zone, further and further each time you train with us.

  • We will criticize, dissect, and discuss your failures as and challenge your successes.

  • We point out the importance of details. The outcome of the fight is determined by many small nuances of each moment. Each detail from how you stand, how you carry, access, move, point, pull, reset, assess, reload, clear, see, talk, and much more. Pulling the trigger is not the fight. It is merely a component of a fight, one element among many equally important and crucial elements.

  • We train hard and intelligently. A hardcore dummy is still a dummy. A smart softie is still a softie. Neither a dummy nor a softie can have high expectations to prevail in an event where the question of living or dying is being decided.

  • We focus on improving your performance each step of the way. Rather than only judging your progress by the outcome of each drill or training scenario. A higher level of performance in each and every component of the process is what brings one closer to the desired outcome.

  • We aim to teach and do not preach.

We utilize state-of-the-art UTM man-marking munitions and weapons, as well as protective gear. Training is conducted in a unique indoor training facility with an adaptable training environment including multiple furnished rooms, vehicles, and adjustable lighting conditions.