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  • Full access to all materials and content of the podcast programming.
  • 50% discount on all and any virtual Zoom classes by Sonny Puzikas.
  • Discount code (members will receive it via email after joining) gets you 25% off any in-person training classes with Sonny Puzikas for a lifetime. NOTE: Hosted and mobile classes organized by other entities, and joint classes are excluded.
  • Exclusive discounts on gear, merchandise, and swag- ours and that of our sponsors as well as occasional complimentary goodies- maybe coffee, maybe a shirt.
  • Limited to 250 memberships in 2Fiddy club.

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Our goal at the onset was straightforward, to initiate a difficult process of objective thinking and reflection, study and evaluation, de-mystification, and evolution. We knew that it will require more than balls to address many of the dogmas, lies, and fads. It will require steadfast dedication to stay unbiased and objective, open-minded and independent. Gospel of Violence podcast is funded and driven by you, the students of violence. While there will be sponsors, they will have zero influence on our content and topics, and zero power to change it. 

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