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AKnowledge 2 | AUGUST 18-19, 2018 | ANNVILLE, PA


Since the release of the very first AK rifle instructional video in the West back in 2003- “Beyond the Firearm- AK47/74 in CQB”- Kalashnikov platform rifles and training associated with it has experienced extraordinary rise in popularity and acceptance.

The author of that training video- Sonny Puzikas- offers an opportunity to take more than just a glimpse into the advanced learning and training material to be presented in his upcoming training video “Beyond the Firearm-3: AKnowledge Elevated”.

This two day training course is not a faster or cooler re-hash of the material from first two “Beyond the Firearm” series of instructional videos and training seminars associated with that material- it is a true form of fine-tuning and cleaning up your existing skills, liberating you from artificial pressure to be faster as a sole measure of your skill level.

“AKnowlege-2″ is a truly unique opportunity to take your existing skills with the AK platform rifle to a significantly higher level through a simplification and purification process, by using a reverse engineering approach- that is taking your INDIVIDUAL skills, tracing them back to the actual and objective reasons for that specific skills existence and the way it is performed, eliminating all of excess and artificial weight- such as aesthetic baggage added due to the wildly popular “operator” factor, posturing and dogmatic duplication, pseudo-scientific “innovations” and “improvements”, excessive tension, unnecessary actions in performing basic functions, and much more.

Training will be individualized for each student- it will not be a “cookie-cutter” one size fits all kind of training. For that reason class size is limited.



Get to know and understand the weapon and its functions from the perspective of the user- a user in a fast paced, high stress environment of a two-way ballistic exchange in a saturated urban environment.

  • Elevating efficiency of basic rifle functions and manipulations. Development of pure skill to achieve maintainable speed and robust performance of a given action vs acceleration of the action to “be fast”. Detailed and in-depth work to improve and purify magazine change, charging bolt operation, trigger work, malfunctions clearing.


The objective reality is that one-way square range instilled mentality does NOT reflect violent reality of real life armed engagements. Understanding the factors involved in real life gunfights through purpose designed drills and applying extracted knowledge to training methodology in live-fire exercises.

  • Mobility, ambidexterity, functionality in three-dimensional 360 degree battlefield. Building, developing and fine-tuning MOBILITY as a platform from which one deploys and uses the rifle, as opposed to attempting to integrate movement into a developed static shooting platform.


Progressing from being a shooter/gunfighter to becoming a skilled and thinking fighter with professional grade weapons handling and usage skills paired with capability to adapt those skills to a situation at hand in real time. A two hour block on rifle retention is included.

  • Progression from attributes to skills, and then to pressure testing both. Focused drills with gradual introduction of unknown beforehand factors to facilitate development of adaptability to realities of the fight, as opposed to attempting to skew those realities to conform to limitations of dogmatic and rigid techniques.

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A two day seminar with Sonny Puzikas in Anville, PA hosted by Rockwell Tactical Group.


August 18-19, 2018 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m both days.


Lebanon County Police Combat Pistol Club
1805 Russel Road,
Annville, PA 17003


  • AK platform rifle with a sling
  • Minimum of 4 magazines
  • Handgun with a holster and minimum of 3 magazines
  • Eye and hearing protection
  • 700 rounds for your rifle
  • 100 rounds for your handgun
  • Hydration
  • Wear what you are most likely to wear in your daily life (long pants and knee pads recommended to avoid excessive loss of skin)