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D.I.G. (Dirty Improvised Gadget) v1.0 | October 12, 2018 | Camden, TN


The class will be held outside, on the shooting range. Dress appropriately, as we will get down and dirty.

When: Jul. 23 (Monday), 2018. 8am-5pm

Where: Meet at Tactical Response, from there we will head out to the range.

Cost: $150.00

What to bring:

Do NOT buy or bring other shovel designs- only original or copies of Russian “saperskaya Lapatka”.

Training knives will be available to those who don’t have their own. 

  • Hydration.
  • Lunch.
  • Note taking materials.

Space strictly limited to 20 participants.

*** Purchase WARganics Fight Hacker: Weaponize The Movement seminar October 9-10, 2018 and D.I.G. (Dirty Improvised Gadget) v1.0 seminar October 12, 2018 together and save $50.

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  • Description

Saperskaya Lapatka aka Spetsnaz Shovel.

It’s more than just a shovel.

The myth. The legend. The shovel.

For a few decades mythical and mystical stories, images and fantasies about paranormal powers of this device and men that wield it have captured the minds of about 20 people….

Those 20- and not more than that- can now learn the truth…

One day class (on the range) to explore and learn alternative uses for a common tool- a shovel.

Russian/Soviet soldiers have carried “Saperskaya Lapatka” (sappers shovel) since the early 20th century.

It was quickly adapted as useful and practical tool by Spetsnaz units, where it’s alternative usage as a tool of combat was further explored and perfected.

In this class you’ll learn non-glorified and dirty version of what some consider a “signature skill” of Russian Spetsnaz- fighting with a shovel.

  1. Geometry of a “T” in a fight.
  2. Four edges and a hammer.
  3. The handle. It handles others.
  4. The flow.
  5. KISS