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Feral Man Camp | November 11 – 14, 2022 | Jacksonville, TX


A fighter evolution camp for modern savages with Pat Miletich, Sonny Puzikas, and Nicholas Spohn.

  • Mr. Pat Miletich: one of the MMA legends, UFC champion, and Hall of Famer.
  • Mr. Sonny Puzikas: blunt, objective, and controversial outsider of tactical/firearms/combatives training industry.
  • Mr. Nicholas Spohn: an international speaker, hypnotist, and performance coach.

The Feral Man camp is a very unique opportunity to take a deep dive into the true evolution of a man providing a non-cosplay approach to learning and training for violence.

During four days of intensive interdisciplinary training camp, participants will study the principles and approaches of physical conditioning of the elite combat athletes, reverse engineering methodology of developing efficient movement for closing, clinching, redirecting, striking, and disengaging. Seeing how the presence of weapons- blunt, edged, and firearms- affects time-proven tactics and strategies of core fighting disciplines.

In addition, participants will have an opportunity to engage in deep self-assessment utilizing a number of modalities to understand what drives human behavior and teach us how to replicate the achievements of high performers.

Participants will be split into two or three groups for some segments of the camp to maximize the efficiency of training and individual attention from instructors.

DAY ONE (Eight Hours)

  • Mindset and pragmatism
  • Understanding the roots of our limitations
  • Physical conditioning of the fighter
  • Posture and movement: Siamese twins
  • 3H: controlling the structure
  • In-clinch striking

DAY TWO (Eight Hours)

  • Feral: free, unrestrained, and undomesticated
  • Creating physical culture (it’s more than fitness)
  • Geometry and biomechanics of takedowns
  • Leverage compliance
  • Striking/Impactology

DAY THREE (Eight Hours)

  • Daily practices of men and leaders
  • Utilizing pressure in assessing competence
  • Handgun deployment in close quarters (live fire)
  • Integrating striking and takedowns into movement
  • Edged weapons

DAY FOUR (Six Hours)

  • Fear: the elephant in the room
  • Shooter/Fighter matrix (live fire)
  • Fine-tuning distance management
  • Intro to efficient leg work
  • Q & A with instructors


Pat Miletich

  • U.S. Kickboxing champion
  • UFC Champion for three to five years
  • Trained 95 athletes into televised careers
  • 12 world champions
  • Co-Founder Firehouse Combative
  • Has trained law enforcement officers (local, state, and federal) and military groups for over 25 years (including special forces groups)

Pat’s focus of the training will on the 3 H’s. The head, the hands, and the hips. Understanding how to control these body parts in a hand-to-hand confrontation immensely raises your chances of winning and surviving.

Participants will also learn to leverage compliance and to remain composed while working out of bad positions and how to avoid ending up in these positions in the first place.

A component of conceal carry weapon retention will be taught as well. Carrying a weapon is a big responsibility and being able to retain it is paramount in a life and death situations.

Sonny Puzikas

  • A veteran of the Soviet military
  • Experienced personal protection specialist
  • Has trained law enforcement and military personnel
  • Over 20 years experience in refining training methodologies

Pariah of the modern “tactical” training world, the unapologetic proponent of raw logic and pragmatism, Sonny will bring a unique mix of Russian training methodology, American innovation, and Texas bluntness.

His drive to seek the very essence of human performance in adverse environments, outside and beyond techniques, styles, and systems, the undeniable connectivity of our mental/psychological/emotional state and our physical performance in adverse conditions results in a unique blend of mindset and physical training in both unarmed and armed realms.

Deep dissection of the paradigm of movement/distance/workspace will permeate the segments on takedowns and short distance Impactology, weapon access, edged weapons, and utilizing kicks in the fight.

Nicholas Spohn

  • International speaker
  • Hypnotist
  • Performance coach

Nicholas brings together a number of modalities to understand what drives human behavior and teaches us how to replicate the achievements of high performers. A highly sought-after expert in body language, influence, and creating a peak performance identity, Nicholas integrates the principles of masculine and feminine energy into all of his work.

The lost art of being a man has been distorted in the modern era and the ancient secrets of polarity are the key to reclaiming your greatness. Your ability to lead lies in unlocking the emotional freedom all men crave at the most primal level.

Nicholas will lead you to face deep unconscious fears that have been holding you back, release limiting thought patterns in yourself and harness the power of the warrior archetype. Nicholas is a former professional fighter under Miletich Fighting Systems and a former collegiate wrestler.

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WHEN: RESCHEDULED for  November 11 – 14, 2022 (Thursday through Sunday)

WHERE: Fort Honey Badger, Jacksonville, TX. Directions will be provided to participants. Lodging is available in Jacksonville, TX which is a 15-minute drive from Fort Honey Badger. 


  • Handgun with minimum 3 magazines
  • Concealed carry holster
  • 200 rounds of ammunition
  • Training knife
  • Eye and hearing protection
  • Durable attire for hard use in training
  • Groin protection (recommended)
  • Note-taking materials
  • Hydration/snacks
  • Sun-screen/mosquito repellent
  • An open mind and learning attitude
  • Readiness to work hard for 30 hours

COST: $850.00

NOTES: Limited to 40 participants.