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Fight Hacker: Impactology (FH-2) | April 6-7, 2024 | Fort Honey Badger, Jacksonville, TX


Impactology: the science of delivering kinetic energy to chosen destination to achieve the desired outcome. 

Forward Training Concepts “Fight Hacker: Impactology” (FH-2) is a 2 day (16-hour) instructional class, focused on principles, concepts, attributes, and skills of strike delivery. This class includes segments of low to medium/high contact drills. 

Psychology, initiation, biomechanics, delivery systems from posture and movement will be explored, explained, demonstrated, and practiced. Strikes using closed and open hands, forearms, elbows, shoulders, knees, and feet will be addressed in a logical progression and evolving drills to maximize short and long-term retention of acquired skills and continued training methodology. 


Day One (8 hours)

  • Physics and geometry of impact. 
  • Biomechanics of efficient initiation and delivery. 
  • Continuity of energy transfer. Tension management. 
  • Baseline hand strikes for medium/short range. 

Day Two (8 hours)

  • Low platform strikes: kicks. 
  • Baseline kicks. 
  • Striking in a clinch. 
  • Calibration parameters and drills. 
  • Training methodology and continuity. 

The class will follow the pattern of reverse engineering from problem endpoint, to solutions along the way, back to the very starting point. Each component of solutions will be demonstrated, explained, practiced and pressure tested. 

This class involves evolutions of elevated levels of contact between the practitioners. 

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When: Sunday, (04/06/2024)  from 8am – 5pm and Monday, (04/07/2024) from 8am – 4pm

Where: Fort Honey Badger, Jacksonville, TX

What to bring:

  • Seasonal durable clothing and footwear. 
  • Mouthpiece and cup (optional).
  • Concealed carry holster. 
  • Training gun and knife (if available). 
  • Hydration and snacks. 
  • Note-taking materials. 

NOTE: While there are no pre-requisites, taking “Fight Hacker: Escapeology” (FH-1) prior to this course will maximize your benefits from the course material.