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Fight Hacker: The Medley | August 11-13, 2023 | New London, OH


This course is about self evaluation on the spectrum outside of the confines imposed by a gun range mentality. It’s about self reflection. Recalibration. And achieving actionable competence.
Charting out individualized, accurate, relevant and objective matrix of ones interdisciplinary competence within the realm of a violent encounter- with or without a weapon- takes methodical approach, which provides one with clear picture of hierarchical order of learning and training priorities.

Forward Training Concepts “Fight Hacker: The Medley” is a custom three day (22 hours) learning course, combining elements from all three distinct “Fight Hacker” series of courses- “Escapeology”, “Impactology” and “Uncut”. It is designed to facilitate acquisition of training tools and methodology needed in order for practitioners to start transition between the two distinct realms- individual who has skills to use the firearm, and a fighter who possesses actionable skills with or without the weapon.

This course takes the path of first defining where each practitioner stands in the context of not only skills, but also individual attributes. Through thoughtfully designed drills, each student will be able to diagnose individual issues and problem areas. Drills gradually and progressively will take students into a complex and chaotic realm of violence that may have interdisciplinary transitions happening in the process- going from empty hands to armed, going back to empty hands from armed when it is objectively necessary or preferable. Attributes and components of the distinct stages of actions within the fight will be introduced in order to not only evaluate and diagnose, but to expose and eliminate dogmatic habits that impede ones ability to function with efficiency and robustness in a fight.

In three intense days of learning and training, each student will be able to gather enough raw data and relevant results to be able to quantify his/her own competency as a fighter, and acquire individual blueprint to move forward on the path of training to become more competent and better rounded fighter.

To be covered:

Day One (9 hours)

  • Understanding angle between combatants
  • Workspace management
  • Fighting Forward
  • Movement dissection.
  • Takedowns
  • Short Work

Day Two (8 hours)

  • Conflict Management
  • Physics and geometry of impact
  • Biomechanics and continuity
  • Baseline hand strikes for medium/short range
  • Low platform strikes- kicks
  • Striking in a clinch

Day Three (6 hours)

  • Workspace, distance, timing and cadence management in bladed realm
  • Attribute development
  • Knife disarming vs opponent disabling
  • Handgun deployment in a clinch and bladed realm
  • Pressure testing and stacking
  • Training methodology and continuity

Class will follow the pattern of reverse engineering from problem end point to solutions along the process then back to the very starting point. Each component of solutions will be demonstrated, explained, practiced and pressure tested.

This class involves evolutions of elevated level of contact between the practitioners, segments of live fire practice.

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When: Friday and Saturday, August 11-12, 2023, 9am- 6pm & Sunday, August 13, 2023, 9am- 4pm.

Where: Private training location near New London, OH. Directions will be provided to participants.

What to bring:

  • Reliable handgun
  • Minimum of three (3) magazines
  • 200 rounds of ammunition
  • Quality concealed carry holster
  • Training gun (if available)
  • Training knife. (Some will be available for students)
  • Seasonal clothing/weather gear
  • Ballistic eye protection and hearing protection
  • Mouthpiece and cup (optional)
  • Hydration and snacks
  • Note-taking materials
  • Open mind
  • Learning attitude