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Fight Hacker: Uncut (FH-3) | December 11-12, 2021 | Jacksonville, TX


“Uncut” reality of mitigating bladed encounter- without unnecessary baggage of cultural heritage and weight of the “system”. 

Forward Training Concepts “Fight Hacker: Uncut” (FH-3) is a 2 day (16 hour) instructional class focused on interdisciplinary approach to concepts, principles and skills for surviving and prevailing in a bladed encounter. 

Concepts and skills of movement, workspace, structure and gap management are paired with understanding of biomechanics and offensive blade work. These are geared to start building robust, pressure tested abilities to survive initial contact and create opportunities for proactive work, weapon deployment or disengagement. 


Day One (8 hours)

  • Understanding of distance and angle management between the combatants. 
  • Workspace and gap manipulations in context of bladed encounter. 
  • Mobility and control. 
  • Short work applications. 
  • Conflict Management. 

Day Two (8 hours)

  • Weapon access and deployment.
  • Knife disarming vs wielder disabling. 
  • Attributes of competence. 
  • Pressure testing and stacking. 
  • Posture, timing, cadence. 
  • Pro-active blade work. 

Class will follow the pattern of reverse engineering from the problem end point, to solutions along the process, then back to the very starting point. Each component of solutions will be demonstrated, explained, practiced and pressure tested. 

This class involves evolutions of elevated level of contact between the practitioners, segments of live fire practice, and controlled segments of live blade work. 

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When: Saturday and Sunday, December 11 – 12, 2021 8am – 5pm both days.

Where: Fort Honey Badger, Jacksonville, TX

What to bring:

  • Reliable handgun.
  • Minimum of three (3) magazines.
  • 100 rounds of ammunition. 
  • Quality concealed carry holster. 
  • Training gun (if available).
  • Your carry knife(s)
  • Training knife (if available).
  • Trauma pack (carry or vehicle deployed). If unavailable- bring a tourniquet (preferably training unit). 
  • Seasonal clothing/weather gear. 
  • Ballistic eye protection and hearing protection. 
  • Mouthpiece and cup (optional).
  • Hydration and snacks. 
  • Note taking materials.
  • Open mind. 
  • Learning attitude.

NOTES: Limited to 20 participants. There are no pre-requisites. But… FH-1 (Escapeology) taken prior to FH-3 will enhance your learning.