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WARganics Fight Hacker: Weaponize The Movement | October 9-10, 2018 | Camden, TN


Cliches are often dismissed as stale, old, useless.

“Knife, gun- they are tools. You are the Weapon”.

This one in particular- in many of its variations.

In this intensive 2 day seminar the subject of this stale cliche will be the topic.

Besides the obvious- fists, elbows, knees- what else is there that we have? When for one reason or another the weapons are not present, nor accessible, not appropriate in specific situation?

Learned, trained and reflective of the situation Movement IS a weapon. Weapon more powerful than many realize.

“Fight Hacker: Weaponize The Movement” seminar is objective and blunt look at the very core of HOW we fight, how we utilize what’s at our disposal. It is a pre-requisite for other “Fight Hacker” classes- “Escapeology”, “Impactology”, “Uncut” and others.

Topics to be covered:

  • Combative Body (how to get one)
  • Distance
  • Work Space and it’s management
  • Developing movement and transforming it into motion
  • Your integral weapons- immediate availability
  • The concept of overload
  • Touch-Push-Hit the Fundamentals of Impactology
  • Core Biomechanics
  • Joints and Leverages
  • Fighting in 3D

*** Purchase WARganics Fight Hacker: Weaponize The Movement seminar October 9-10, 2018 and D.I.G. (Dirty Improvised Gadget) v1.0 October 12, 2018 together and save $50.

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  • Description

Fight Hacker materials are condensed knowledge and skills that are free from confines of styles and systems. The material is easily adaptable for individual needs, based on unique attributes of each and every individual.

When: October 9-10, 2018. 8am-5pm both days.

Where: Tactical Response, Camden, TN.

NOTE: Training will be conducted outdoors. We will meet at Tactical Response and head out to the range.

Cost: $275.00

What to bring:

  • One open mind
  • Training knife
  • Your concealed carry holster (get one here: www.greenforcetactical.com)
  • Blue training gun.
  • Clothes and shoes appropriate for outdoor training (we will get dirty)
  • Hydration
  • Lunch
  • Note taking materials

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