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Fighter Hacker: Uncut – Living On The Edge | March 6-7, 2020 | Jacksonville, TX


Increase your performance and survivability.

Cut away the useless fat from your training.

The reality of edged weapon being introduced into physical confrontation is harsh and unforgiving. It tends to erase the artificial stylistic boundaries imposed by dogmatic martial disciplines, and it challenges the image of clean, technically pure and aesthetically pleasing knife defense.

This class is a result of many years of exploration, collaborations and brings together the pragmatism and objectivism without restraints of styles and systems, combining it with decades of experience in training and teaching number of disciplines and their methodologies of dealing with edged weapons in a fight.

This isn’t a “knife fighting” seminar, this isn’t about “but I have a knife too”.

This is about fast paced, brutal and uncompromising reality of edged weapon being introduced by the opponent during the confrontation, without offering you an opening to access your own weapon. 

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DATES: Saturday, March 6, 2020 9AM-5PM & Sunday, March 7, 2020 10AM-4PM

LOCATION: Fort Honey Badger in Jacksonville, TX (Directions will be provided to registered participants). 

The theme of this in depth class is surviving and prevailing in situations of edged weapon being introduced into equation DURING the fight- where simply escaping OR presenting your own weapon is not immediately available option. 

Topics to be addressed:

  • Concept of distance and angle
  • Workspace: Geometry of prevailing
  • Weaponizing the movement
  • Concept of neurological overloading
  • Escapeology
  • Impactology
  • Possibility vs probability
  • Priority hierarchy
  • Core vs limb: Awareness and work

What to bring:

  • Comfortable training clothes closely mimicking your every day attire. (You will get dirty, training will be conducted outdoors regardless of the weather conditions).
  • Training knife
  • Your carry knife(s)
  • Carry handgun and holster (if carrying)
  • Note taking materials
  • Plenty of hydration
  • Snacks for lunch
  • Trauma kit

NOTE: Space is limited to 16 participants.

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