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Kalashnikov design rifles (AK) represent the most prolific and influential combat rifle platform, that has dominated the battlefields of the world for almost 70 years, and to this day remains the undisputed king of battle rifles.

While it could be said that “a rifle is just rifle”, each design offers specific features and ergonomics, which require proficiency AND efficiency to be operated quickly and robustly.

In this one day intensive seminar you will learn fine tuned skills of operating all basic features of AK pattern rifles, understand the “whys” behind the specific skills and patterns. In addition you’ll learn the history, the mechanics of rifles functions, its characteristics and performance.

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A one day seminar with Sonny Puzikas.

Topics to be covered:

  • AK design and features
  • The history of the AK
  • Basic functions and skills: magazine change, safety, charging handle, trigger, sling, malfunctions
  • Shooting AK. What you need to know and not fear.
  • From “shooter” to “fighter”- it is a journey. Taking first steps.
  • “Modernizing” 70 year old design. Do’s and Dont’s.

What to bring:

  • AK pattern rifle with a sling
  • 4 AK magazines
  • 300 rounds of ammunition
  • Handgun with holster and 2 magazines
  • Hydration, weather related items, range safety gear


Sunday, June 24, 2018 from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Where: 1623 Logan Trident Rd, Three Forks, MT 59752 (IMPORTANT! This IS private property. Do NOT show up unexpected… It’s Montana.)

How much:

$200.00 before May 15, 2018, $225.00 after May 15.