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IDF Clinic | November 2-3, 2024 | Fort Honey Badger, Jacksonville, TX


Individual Diagnostics for a Fighter Clinic

Uniqueness of this 2 day clinic lays in its purpose- that is not being an event for acquiring skills and knowledge from without- that which you don’t possess, but rather finding, diagnosing, understanding your individual deficiencies, weaknesses, fundamental mistakes as a fighter- and then putting together a blueprint of how to address them.

IDF clinic is geared to expose, define and get individual prescription for addressing your personal “suck” in realm of physical violence. 

It isn’t about the symptoms of that “suck”- inability to perform competently specific functions, but rather about diagnosing the reasons for the “suck” and mapping out the course of treatment. 

Attendees will execute numerous specific tasks related to performance during physical altercations, and will be given individual detailed assessment of their performance, in-depth analysis of the causes of any existing deficiencies, and suggestions- often quite specific- of how to address those deficiencies. 

Baseline functions of grabbing, holding, pulling, pushing, striking, stepping, kicking, sweeping, turning, and more will be examined in great detail from the perspective of efficiency, form, speed, power and other parameters, with solutions offered in realms of physical conditioning, flexibility, form and function, intent and purpose. 

The clinic is a 2 day event, 18 hours of studies. 

Each attendee will have one-on-one session addressing his unique needs, in addition to suggestions and specific solutions that will be presented during the clinic as common for a group. 

Clinic will include a session with the handguns, with limited amount of live fire. 

NOTE: Due to the nature of the event, class is limited to 8 participants. 

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When: Saturday (11/2): 8am-7pm & Sunday (11/3): 8am- 5pm

Where: Fort Honey Badger – Jacksonville, TX

What to bring:

  • Attire suitable for training.
  • Note-taking materials. 
  • Training knife. 
  • Carry handgun with concealed holster. 
  • Minimum of 3 magazines. 
  • 100 rounds of handgun ammunition. 
  • Range safety gear. 
  • Phone/camera capable of slow-motion video recording. 
  • Snacks and hydration.