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One second that matters. One second that determines if there will be a following second.

Morphing skills into applications for harsh realities of a gun fight.

Terrorism. Crime. Oppression.

These are not the issues we only see on the evening news. They are our reality, lurking near by. In our streets, towns, public venues- within our society.

The lack of intellectual gravity within the firearms/gunfighting training industry can be clearly seen in endless debate of “is it the egg or the chicken”. It has been illustrated by countless documented violent encounters.

Yet- the stagnation and dogmatic mentality are robust and lasting.

This 2-day hybrid class will expose the realities of close quarters armed conflict through combining the usage of non-lethal training munitions to diagnose problems and issues, then in live fire training drills will address the methodology to sequentially fine tune the attributes, skills, skill sets and their applications to the diagnosed problem areas of your training and existing skills.

This isn’t uber-tactical class for a glorious fight of ones dreams- this is down and dirty look at what you will face in the nightmare scenario of real world violence.

Non-lethal munitions will be utilized to diagnose realistic reactions to surprise attacks and follow-up actions of the participants. Based on observations extracted, the training will progress to live fire portion, focusing on tuning up individual response patterns of each participant.

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Topics to be addressed:

  • Range safety and reality of the one second of the gunfight- how can they co-exist.
  • Peripheral realm- getting out of the visual and mental “tunnel”.
  • Movement – the thing that buys you 1/2 of that second.
  • Weapon access.
  • The stigma and dogma of shooting stance.
  • One second. One shot. Everything else will be determined by this simple equation.
  • Shooting (and hitting the target) from less than optimal positions.

Pre-requisites: solid knowledge of the purpose, function and safety measures with a semi-automatic handgun.

Dress: As you do in your daily life.

Gear: Your carry handgun, minimum of 4 magazines, concealed carry holster, 400 rounds of ammunition, eye and hearing protection, hydration. Note: Force-on-force weapons, ammo and protective gear will be provided for use in diagnostics portion of the class.

When: Saturday, March 10th 9am-5pm & Sunday, March 11th 9am-4pm

Where: The Impact Zone Range – 10878 Kerr Rd. Hempstead, TX.

Cost: $450