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Shooter/Fighter Matrix 2: Advanced Concepts | August 18-19, 2022 | Sugarloaf, PA


Note: “Shooter/Fighter Matrix”, “Fight Hacker: Escapeology”, or similar classes taken PRIOR to taking this class will significantly enhance students’ ability to process and absorb the material and adapt to extracting the most from the class.

This class will take you where nobody wants to go- into the moments of the gunfight, where if you were watching someone else in such a situation- most likely you’d quietly say “he’s f@&$ed”…

Discovery and development of fundamental attributes needed to perform from the disadvantaged positions against the armed opposition is the main theme of this class.

The focus will be on developing more robust fighting skills that accommodate each individual student’s shooting competency.

Study of movement, ambidextrous weapon handling DURING the engagement, ground gunfighting, advanced concepts of horizontal, vertical, and directional displacement.

This IS a physically and mentally demanding and challenging class.

Your mind, body, equipment, and gear will be put to the test through rigorous drills and challenges.

Day 1 (8 hours)

  • Elevating weapon handling to a state of a free flow. Purpose designed drills to advance weapons handling skills towards the level of subconscious competence.
  • Challenged Access from concealment and weapon retention.
  • Re-engineering shooting platform for mobility. Dissection and re-evaluation of how we shoot, and how it affects our ability to move.

Day 2 (8 hours)

  • The science of vertical displacement. In-depth work on learning transitions into and how to fight from lowered positions.
  • 360-degree coverage from 3 levels.
  • Deep study of the move-access-shoot equation and its adaptation.

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When: August 18-19, 2022 | 9 AM to 5 PM both days

Where:Sugarloaf, PA

Cost: $550

NOTES: Participation is limited to 14 students. Absolutely no videography.

This is the only “Shooter/Fighter Matrix-2” class in 2022.

What to bring:

  • One VERY open mind.
  • One ready to work body
  • Carry handgun with your daily carry holster
  • Minimum of 4 magazines for your handgun
  • 400 rounds of ammunition
  • Knee pads and elbow pads highly recommended
  • Your carry trauma kit
  • If available, five rounds of snap caps/dummy rounds of appropriate caliber for your handgun
  • Quality eye protection and hearing protection
  • Hydration and snacks
  • Note-taking materials