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Shooter/Fighter Matrix: Pistol & Rifle | June 1-2, 2024 | Butte, Montana


This course is about self evaluation. Self reflection. Re-calibration. And achieving actionable competence. 

A hybrid of handgun oriented “Shooter/Fighter Matrix” and rifle oriented “AKnowledge” courses, this class is about charting out individualized, accurate, relevant and objective matrix of ones interdisciplinary competence within the realm of a violent encounter with firearms, taking methodical approach, which provides one with clear picture of hierarchical order of training priorities. 

This hybrid class is a 2 day, 16 hour live fire course, designed to facilitate transition between the two distinct realms. 

This course takes the path of first defining where each student stands as a shooter AND as a fighter with the gun- handgun and rifle. Through thoughtfully designed drills, each student will be able to diagnose individual issues and problem areas. Drills gradually and progressively will take students from the square one way range shooting realm into a much more complex and chaotic realm of a gunfight. Attributes and components of the distinct stages of actions within the gunfight will be introduced in order to not only evaluate and diagnose, but to expose and eliminate dogmatic habits that impede ones ability to function with efficiency and robustness in a fight. 

In two intense days of learning and training, each student will be able to gather enough raw data and relevant results to be able to quantify his/her own competency as a shooter and as a gunfighter. 

Both handgun and rifle topics will be addressed sequentially on both days, to impart continuity of principles and highlight the unique differences in particular modes of work with them. 


Day 1 (8 hours)

  • Safety. Rules. Principles. 
  • Charting your competency as a shooter and as a gunfighter.
  • Components of shooting.
  • Components of gunfighting.
  • Movement. 
  • Distance/Workspace.
  • Earning and securing the draw with the handgun. 
  • Ambidexterity. 
  • Cover/concealment. 

Day 2 (8 hours)

  • In-fight weapon handling- malfunctions, transitions. 
  • Eliminating the gaps in shooting. 
  • Adapting shooting for fighting. 
  • Firearms in clinch realm and weapon retention. 
  • Essentials of vertical displacement and low platform work. 
  • Adaptive evolutions. 

NOTE: This class IS a very important primer for Shooter/Fighter Matrix -2 and -3- “Advanced” and “The Specialist” classes, as well as AKnowledge 2 and 3 classes.

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When: June 1-2, 2024 | Saturday (6/1): 9am- 5pm & Sunday (6/2): 9am- 5pm

Where: Butte, MT. The event will be conducted on private property. Directions will be provided to registered students.

What to bring:

  • Open and willing to learn mind.
  • Carry handgun with your daily carry holster. You can get quality concealed carry holsters here: www.greenforcetactical.com.
  • At least 4 magazines for your handgun. 
  • Magazine fed rifle/carbine with a sling (preferably 2 point).
  • At least 4 magazines for your rifle. 
  • 200 rounds for the handgun, 300 rounds for the rifle. 
  • Your carry trauma kit/items.
  • 5 rounds of corresponding caliber snap caps/dummy rounds.
  • Quality eye protection and hearing protection.
  • Hydration and snacks.
  • Note taking materials.