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VIOLENCE UncensoRED-VII | OCT 13-14, 2018 | CAMDEN, TN


Proximity. Darkness. Corners.

With Sonny Puzikas


Truth. Violence. Death. Neither one of them can be censored, their meaning and essence changed. They are what they are. Regardless of our opinions, views.

The seventh installment of “Violence Uncensored” force-on-force learning/training seminar will focus in depth on 3 topics:

  • Accessing the handgun and engaging threats at extremely close quarters- within arms reach.
  • Geometry of a corner. Understanding what it is, how to negotiate it.
  • Violence in low light conditions.

Training drills and scenarios will be conducted in normal, diminished and very low light conditions, mainly in confined spaces, utilizing dedicated non-lethal force-on-force weapons and protective gear as well as numerous methods of distraction and stress elevation designed to duplicate as closely as possible the realities of real-life violence.

This is NOT a seminar for absolute novices. You must possess robust firearm handling skills, be comfortable with concealed carry, and have at least some basic hand-to-hand skills.

Number of participants is limited to 16.

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Where: Tactical Response, Camden, TN

When: October 13-14, 2018. Saturday and Sunday, 8am-5pm both days.

Cost: $600.00

What to bring:

  • One VERY open mind
  • While face protection gear will be provided- it is highly recommended to acquire your own quality FOF helmet offering FULL head coverage.
  • Shooting gloves.
  • Long pants, long sleeve shirt/sweater/turtleneck.
  • Quality belt. Get one here: www.originalsoegear.com
  • Quality concealed carry holster. Get one here: www.greenforcetactical.com

We will be using Glock 17 FOF guns. If you don’t have holster to accommodate it- one will be provided to use during the class.

  • Training knife.
  • Quality tactical light. Bring extra batteries.
  • Hydration.

“Violence Uncensored” seminars sell out. Those interested shouldn’t wait long.