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VIOLENCE UncensoRED-VIII | MARCH 9 – 10, 2019 | CAMDEN, TN


What to expect.

Darkness. Fatigue of your eyes that could result in headache. Being shot. Shooting others. Failing alot. Making mistakes.
Learning importance of breathing- especially under duress.

And the fact that light is a weapon.

And as with every weapon: it needs to be studied, practiced, understood.

Aiming a gun well and fast results in accurate shot placement. Aiming the light results in not only seeing/identifying your targets- when done well it denies your opponents an opportunity to do the same.

Bullets are directional. Light is multi-directional and dimensional. It isn’t just about lumens.

The spectrum, the cone, it’s size and definition, the amount of aura emitted, how it can work for you and against you…

Holy Trinity of low light gun fighting: Eyes-Light-Gun.

In depth work on this equation, how it varies in navigation, search/identify and engage segments of the fight.

All that and a whole lot more will be explored in very significant depth utilizing dedicated force on force weapons and gear, which will be provided to participants. It is said that you don’t know what you don’t know. You will learn what you don’t know, and how to change that into “know”- and “can do”.

Topics to be covered:

  1. Reading the light and light conditions
  2. Navigating the terrain
  3. The science of the corner
  4. Manipulation of own and adversaries visual fields
  5. Accuracy with the light
  6. Hacking the depth of vision
  7. Light move in depth
  8. Low platform in low light: dominating the information warfare
  9. Shooting with light
  10. Gear selection and evaluation

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Where: Tactical Response, Camden, TN

When: March 9 – 10, 2019. Saturday and Sunday, 8am-5pm both days.

Cost: $650.00

What to bring:

  • Two quality flash lights
  • Your EDC med kit
  • Clothing of desired protection level for force on force training
  • Note taking materials.

Step into the darkness and be enlightened.