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Zulu Foxtrot Flashlights EDC-D Light


EDC-D isn’t just “another tactical flashlight”. It is “less is more” creation, addressing objective and practical needs of everyday civilian end user.

In a Tactical dreamland world of “lumen chasers”, EDC-D standard, or with Light Fighter mod is a simple, practical, robust and affordable solution providing enough, but not too much “lumens” for low light fighting, zero mistake-single function tail cap switch, compact, robust and light weight construction in a size that allows for easy everyday carry.

No “glow in the dark” features, eliminating the chance of your flashlight emitting information for your adversaries, fine tuned and optimized for indoor low light engagements “hot zone” of the light beam- all that makes EDC-D with Light Fighter mod the best option for everyday civilians and action professionals use.

EDC series flashlight has been my everyday carry light for over a year now. The balance of compact size, robust design, simplicity of operation, impressive performance, more-than-fair pricing and company that stands behind its product- these are the reasons why EDC-D is the first “outside” product I am offering on my website.

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The EDC is a slim & compact light designed to seamlessly integrate into anyone’s EDC gear. It is collaboratively designed with Green Force Tactical in order to bring you a quality engineered and tested pocket powerhouse. It is designed strictly for EDC and is designed as such.

It has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Nothing extra to weigh you down or be awkward. It produces a very intense, short range spill beam; perfect for lighting up the dark in a defensive scenario. The EDC is one of the best pocketable EDC style lights on the market and leaves nothing to compromise.

Simply put, The EDC is your “basic unit of flashlight” which you should always have on hand. Model D EDC includes momentary only (no click) rear switch and *NO glow in the dark options*. Perfect for a defensive pocket light.

LightFighter Option is a reduced output EDC-D with a slightly cleaner beam, more suited to complete darkness than the standard EDC-D.


  • 550 lumens
  • OP Reflector
  • Single Mode
  • 2 hr continuous run time
  • 18650 Li-Ion rechargeable battery powered
  • Black bezel o-ring & tail switch boot
  • FWD style switch with no click, only momentary “gas pedal”
  • Deep carry style pocket clip
  • Lanyard
  • Includes Battery & Charger
  • LightFighter Option
  • Lifetime “no questions” warranty

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Weight 1 lbs

Standard, LightFighter Mod