In basic terms, The Forge is a strength and conditioning concept. It is an approach to prepare the body for the rigors and chaos of combat.

To ready oneself for raw, uncensored, and real violence. Chaos and violence require an alternate set of attributes, a unique mindset, and a different fundamental approach to training than that of athletics and sports.

While it can be said that strength is strength regardless of its applications, the strength needed in combat environments must possess characteristics absent from most other settings.

Understanding those differences, learning to distinguish the attributes applicable in combat is the very important first step in understanding how The Forge is different from many other conditioning and strength programs.

Fine-tuning our bodies for any complex activity is not an easy task, nor can it be “fast tracked”. Combat, fighting, and physical violence are some of the most complex of environments. Bodies must perform under extreme duress, often from a less than optimal biomechanical alignment. Sometimes this action occurs in restrained and confined spaces or injuries must be overcome.

Reverse-engineering from the skills applicable in combat back to attributes needed to heighten the performance of those skills can go a long way toward improving one’s abilities and enhancing numerous attributes. Capabilities that are critical factors for performance in combat – speed, range of motion, power generated in a multi-dimensional realm, ability to stay in motion, and much, much more.