Time to become a true student of violence in a small group of others dedicated to the same pursuit. Time used in efficient manner, with as little waste as possible. Time to train, to discover, to fail, to learn, and to understand.


We offer a non-dogmatic learning environment free from the confines of style, association, system, or organization. An environment free from chest thumping and condescension regarding what others do or do not do. Free from unrealistic marketing claims and slogans. Free from the marketing of an illusion, some image of some “operator” or that of “guaranteed invincibility”.


We offer training with substance, where actions have a reason, methods are based on science, and why we undertake it has a purpose – a calling, if you will. Mistakes are our best teachers, and perceived successes are seductive liars.


We train not only to discover our potential in some distant future, we also train to maximize our current capabilities. Should today be the day we are called to use those capabilities to protect ourselves or others.

Our training method for fighting focuses on performance in the moment, for that moment. Not on some stated goal that is moments into the future.

Our goal is for our students to ultimately develop their own system of interaction in a violent environment. A system free from mimicry of the memorized techniques of others.

Our training is not a factory of aggression and blind rage. Our training is not mindless repetition of predetermined technique that produces misplaced confidence in non-existent skills. We do not preach a “warrior mindset”, as it isn’t something one develops sitting on the couch, and it isn’t that which wins the fight.

We focus on attributes, skills, and abilities. We help our students to develop an acceptance of reality, adaptability to chaos, and the capability to prevail within that chaos.

In training we value your time as much as we value our own.

There is no such thing as truly free time. “time off” is nothing but robbing oneself of that which is irreplaceable. All we have in limited quantity is the time of one lifetime.